A Brain Bludgeon in Brooklyn


Hot off the success of last week’s Severin sponsored screening at LA’s Cinefamily with Bleeding Skull, we will be co-presenting another night of obscure horror appreciation with an event billed as “an evening of top-shelf cine-masochism”.

The event on Friday, October 29th at Brooklyn’s brand-new reRun Theater begins at midnight with an obsessive assemblage of forgotten horror hilarity, Brain Bludgeon (by in-part yours truly), followed by the greatest shot-on-video trash film of all time, Tales From The Quadead Zone – which is finally being released on DVD by the fine folks at Rotten Cotton).

Our good friend Vince Mancini at FilmDrunk.com was nice enough to write-up the event here, which also includes an exclusive clip!

Advanced tickets are available for $3 here, and admission is free at the door (seats permitting). A trailer for the event can be seen below.


Brain Bludgeon / 2010 / 30 mins / edited by Evan Husney and Shal Ngo
Sewn together from hundreds of forgotten horror films, Brain Bludgeon is a transcendental fusion of trash exposing the willing to everything curious, bizarre, hilarious and awful about no-budget genre films. Hot penny torture, exploding 3d skulls, brutal “de-fetusing”, raping zombies, and much more collide in this blissfully IQ-withering amalgamation of exploitation hell.

Tales From The Quadead Zone / 1987 / 61 mins / Directed by Chester Novell Turner
Chester Turner (Black Devil Doll From Hell) is easily the most mysterious auteur to emerge from the ‘80s camcorder horror underground. Tales From The Quadead Zone centers on a bereaved mom who entertains her invisible son with three stories – rednecks fighting over sandwiches, a dead body dressed up as a clown and lastly, her own. Perhaps the single weirdest thing (coming from a long, long list) about Quadead is its poignant, surprisingly personal ending in what Bleeding Skull calls, “the greatest shot-on-video trash film of all time time… creepy, hysterical, surreal and well beyond explanation!”

reRun Gastropub Theater
Friday, October 29th at midnight

147 Front St
Brooklyn, NY
*arrive early for snacks and drinks (full bar), last call is 5 minutes before showtime!

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