Devolved, the unhinged teenage rampage of a teen comedy that marks Severin’s first release of one of its own co-productions, begins its PR-assault today with a custom-crafted Robert-Evanseque message to you, the Severinan faithful.

“Before we started marketing the film to the public at large, I felt like we owed it to our faithful fans to pause by way of some explanation” says Severin co-founder/Devolved Writer-Director John Cregan.

“Because Devolved is A) a brand new film, B) a teen comedy and C) a comedy that aims for laugh-out-loud jokes as opposed to wry festivalesque humor, I realized that it might instill a modicum of confusion in the core Severin audience. Put Devolved up alongside Santa Sangre, Hardware, and The Sinful Dwarf…it could be the source of some mild disorientation.”

So, if you’re suffering from some discombobulation, Severin’s got the cure. This special message is just for you, the Severin fans that are nearest and dearest to our collective heart.

Devolved hits selected theaters March 4th.

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