An Evening Of Obscure, Essential Insanity At Cinefamily On 10/23

When your obsessive search for the best in trashy obscurity has hit a dead-end, or your copy of The Psychotronic Encyclopedia Of Film has worn to pieces, or if you’re like me and believe that Fulci’s Conquest belongs in a fine-art museum, fear not, Bleeding Skull is here to satiate your lust.

Launched in 2004, Bleeding Skull is the brainchild of Joseph A. Ziemba and Dan Budnik, whose rare pallet for forgotten junk has lead them to document a continuous search for the most curious, obscure, and insane trash-horror films imaginable. And if you’re in LA on Saturday, October 23rd, Bleeding Skull is curating, Severin Films is sponsoring, and Cinefamily is hosting an unforgettable evening of forgotten gems: Doris Wishman’s A Night To Dismember, Don’t Panic (the greatest irritating-Ouija-board-possessed-20-something-running-around-dressed-like-an-8-year-old film ever made), and a video tribute to overweight Sheriffs that seasoned ’80s slasher films.


Bleeding Skull throws out the frequently trivialized “so bad, it’s good” approach to vintage B-horror appreciation, and their criticisms expose readers to a treasure trove of strange films with bona fide sincerity. In their laugh-out loud reviews, films are treated as their own self-contained world, and bound with a personal sense of discovery. A realm where jaw-dropping absurdity, fever-dream delirium, and cinematic ineptitude all reign supreme in an effort to identify the curious, compelling nature of low-budget exploitation all together. And I hear they have a book in the works too!

Both Joseph and Dan have scoured video stores across the country to obtain these legendary finds buried deep in obscurity. Joseph’s ludicrous, desperate search for a goddamn VHS copy of The Abomination is a tale any diehard cinephile would admire.

Joseph and Dan have also both contributed to our blog here with their reviews of Bloody Moon and The Sinful Dwarf. And as fans, we were more than happy to support this event, and spread their championed discoveries. And besides, I have them to thank for exposure to the maddening Ogroff aka The Mad Mutilator (perhaps their ‘holy grail’ discovery), David “Killer Workout” Prior’s underrated Sledgehammer, The Last Slumber Party, Tales From The Quadead Zone, and the ghastly Las Vegas Bloodbath.

Join us, there will be special Severin prizes! Tickets available here.

Now, we just need to get Paul Corupe (of Canuxsploitation) and Cinefamily to team-up for a film series…

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