Bahia Blanca

During his mid ‘80s period of professional upheaval, writer/director Jess Franco shocked the industry by self-financing what remains one of the most idiosyncratic – and rarely seen – films of his entire career: When a battered corpse washes ashore in a small Spanish fishing village, the local community of prostitutes, mobsters and lawmen will begin to seethe with lust, vengeance and murder. Lina Romay stars with Eva León (MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD), Antonio Mayans (DEVIL HUNTER), Analía Ivars (TENDER FLESH) and Antonio Rebollo (NIGHT OF OPEN SEX) in this poetic thriller that Franco scholars have compared to both JOHNNY GUITAR and KILL BILL, now scanned in 4k from the original negative for the first time ever.

  • In the Land of Franco Part 4 – Stephen Thrower & Antonio Mayans Tour Multiple Franco Locations in Spain
  • Bay of Jess – Interview with Stephen Thrower, author of Murderous Passions and Flowers of Perversion Filmmaker