Severin announced today announced that we will host midnight screenings of cult sensation, Birdemic: Shock And Terorr, on April 16th and 17th at the E Street Theater in Washington, DC.

The film’s screenings will serve to generate awareness and raise money for the soon-to-be-shuttered legendary independent video store, Video Vault.

“When I found out that my most favorite, most seminal video store of my halcyon 4×3 youth was being forced to close forever come April 30th, I was upset enough to crash and burn off my Atkins diet and empty the fine Syrah I had been saving for when I got back under the twelve stone mark,” says D.C. native John Cregan, co-Founding Father of Severin Films.

So when we got the call that the E Street Theater wanted to screen Birdemic: Shock And Terror,’ I immediately thought of our friends at Video Vault. After all, what better to lend the collective power of the unstoppable five-headed cinematic hydra that is Birdemic than to an independent video store?

When it comes to this weekend, our mission is twofold.

One…to uncage Birdemic, the most special independent film of modern times, and set it winging down upon the hapless denizens of our nation’s capital. (By the way, don’t expect any mercy just because Washington D.C. happens to be the town of my birth.)

Two…to on help the Vault sell off its treasure trove of impossible to find films. Believe me, if we hadn’t blown all of our cash reserves on the 5.1 mix for Birdemic, Severin would have purchased the entire library lock, stock and barrel, and taken it back to our compound in Los Angeles. I highly encourage everyone to stop by the shop to purchase a piece of home video history. (Or, of course, you can do some shopping online at the web-based home of the Video Vault“)

To help ease the loss of the Old Town Alexandria, Virginia landmark, Severin Films is offering the following:

  • Since the Video Vault is liquidating its awe-inspiring catalogue, Severin is offering free passes to either E Street Theater BIRDEMIC screening for customers who buy $30 or more in Vault purchases (from 4/12 – 4/16)
  • Coupons for discounted purchases at Video Vault will be offered to patrons of either E Street Theater BIRDEMIC screening
  • Severin Films is setting up a “Late Fee Fund” to help erase the debts of some of the Video Vault’s most egregious debtors. To kick things off, Severin will donate a portion of the proceeds from the E Street screenings.

Birdemic may be too late to save the Video Vault,” says Cregan, “but we can at least help cushion the blow by giving it a fond Severinic send-off.”