Nü Metal mavericks Chamber of Pudd’s soul shattering anthem “Birdemic (This is)” has been all over the internet as part of the trailer for midnight movie sensation Birdemic: Shock And Terror, but never available in its entirety… Until now! Due to demand from fans, Severin are making the track available exclusively for a limited time through the Severin Store to coincide with the highly anticipated 2/22 DVD/Blu-Ray release of the film. And to celebrate the release Severin Films have produced a brand new video for the song featuring Birdemic star Whitney Moore.

Chamber of Pudd hail from Eugene, OR and after lead singer/songwriter King Pudd saw an early copy of James Nguyen’s then unknown Birdemic in 2009 he was immediately inspired to write a number in tribute to the movie. He says:

“The film really resonated with me. I had a girlfriend who was my world who passed away… she was dead to me anyway… the details are too painful to rehash in my warped mind but she had a bird. I took the bird after she died. Cared for it. But it was really fucking mean. And scared me. But I could relate with me locked in my cage of rage and that bird locked in a cage of cage in a fucking rage. We were mirror images in a fucked up world.”

Chamber of PuddbandpicChamberofPudd-Birdemic

When Severin Films acquired Birdemic for distribution, a demo of the song was sent to their offices by Pudd. The execs at Severin so loved the track that they licensed it for use in the Birdemic theatrical trailer. Once the trailer went live online it became an internet sensation overnight…and Pudd’s screaming chorus became synonymous with the berserk bird attack imagery that captured the imaginations of mad movie fans everywhere. As the film played over 50 cities around the world, Severin’s inbox became inundated with requests by fans wanting to know where to get the song. Well now their prayers have been answered.

“My own personal demons are on clear display through this song,” says Pudd. “But they are just a reflection of our fucked up society at large.” Severin CEO Carl Daft adds, “It wasn’t our intention to go into the music business but the opportunity with this amazing piece of rock was too good to pass up. We’re delighted to have Chamber of Pudd in the Severin family and we think the song will be one for the ages.”

Chamber of Pudd is King Pudd (vocals), Twitch Hernandez (lead guitar), WayNe Panik (bass), Ulva (DJ) and Tate Bainian (drums).

Birdemic: Shock And Terror is available On Demand and released on DVD and Blu-Ray, packed with special features on 2/22/11.

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