“Just as the eagles and vultures overwhelmed the coastal town of Half Moon Bay,” says Severin’s David Gregory, “the public response to Birdemic has subsumed the Severin headquarters in a shimmering sea of mass exultation.”

Following mentions in USA Today, LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, G4TV’s Attack of the Show, The Hollywood Reporter, The LAist, and too many¬† tweets to keep track of, James Nguyen’s Birdemic is soaring to heady new heights and adding more screenings by the hour. The latest two — a special encore presentation at the Silent Movie Theater (Friday, March 5th at midnight), and the Southwest premiere at Phoenix’s fabled MADCAP Theater (March 5th and 6th at 10 P.M.)

The Phoenix screenings will also feature a very special guest.

“We are looking forward to flying The Master of the Romantic Thriller, James Nguyen himself, down to the MADCAP for what promises to be a raucous and rewarding evening,” says Severin’s Evan Husney. “For while Arizona may only be the 48th state, it is 1st in our hearts.”

Who knows where the Birdemic phenomenon will wing next?

Only time will tell, says Severin CEO Carl Daft — “Anyone with an elementary knowledge of metaphysics will tell you; there are some things that stay what they are, and some things that become an entirely new thing altogether. Birdemic is one of those rare things that has become a new thing, and then has morphed once more into yet another thing so new, so overpowering, that there is, as of this moment, no word that can adequately describe it.”

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