The biggest cult sensation of 2010, Birdemic – Shock And Terror, landed on DVD and Blu-ray this week earning some A-class media attention and great DVD/Blu-ray reviews while copies flew from the shelves of Best Buy stores across the country. In Alonso Duralde’s DVD review for Movieline, he examines appreciation of comparable films at large while suggesting they are “more interesting to watch than 90% of what’s coming out of Hollywood these days.” FilmDrunk’s Vince Manici re-tells Birdemic’s infamous discovery story at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival for IFC TV’s The Grid.

DVD Talk highly recommends Birdemic while championing it as “not only the new best worst movie, but the best best worst movie in a very long time.” Brian Salisbury highlights director James Nguyen’s sincerity for his column urging readers to “pick up a copy of this film, gather your least pretentious cinephile compatriots and, over many, many beers, take in all the absurd majesty that is Birdemic. Following this Tuesday’s interview The Wall Street Journal, The Master Of The Romantic Thriller™ chatted with Bloody Disgusting on the making of Birdemic, its ecological message, his Hitchcock inspiration, and more.

Tonight everyone’s favorite romantic thriller returns to the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin and Cinefamily in Los Angeles for a special Birdemic Fest” screening and in celebration, NBC Los Angeles wished Birdemic a happy first birthday. Badass Digest is giving away an original prop(!) from Birdemic – the “hot ferrari” as featured in this video below.

Birdemic @ Cinefamily Birdemic @ Alamo

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