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CBS Sunday Morning said it is “the best worst movie of all time”, and The New York Times called it “a high-flying cult hit”. It’s been just about a year since Birdemic – Shock And Terror had its historic world premiere hosted by Tim & Eric at Cinefamily in Los Angeles. Following its theatrical debut, Birdemic exploded into a main-stream media frenzy, and screened in over 60 cities including New York, San Francisco, Austin, Boston, London, Montreal, Toronto, and many others. And so today, the the biggest cult phenomenon of 2010 hits stores, including Best Buy retail outlets, everywhere and Time Warner OnDemand.

The Wall Street Journal conducted an interview with director James Nguyen yesterday on the Blu-ray and DVD debut of his romantic thriller and his plans for the 3D sequel. Whitney Matheson of USA Today’s Pop Candy blog posted some hilarious exclusive pics of Nguyen doing his best Hitchcock impression. Matt Singer re-posted his review of last March’s Birdemic NYC premiere yesterday for in celebration of today’s release.

So, grab some Budweisers (we were told by Nguyen there is sale going on at Walgreens – 18-packs for $10), your closest friends, ransack your closet of all of its coathangers, and get ready for your own Birdemic Fest!

Birdemic @ Best Buy

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