Hello Severin Fans,

Thank you to all the supporters of what we do for another record breaking Black Friday sale! Our shipping team is hard at work preparing orders and will begin shipping on Thursday, December 3rd. Based on the number of orders we have received, and taking into account the safety set up for numbers of people we can have at our warehouse at any given time, we anticipate that ALL Black Friday orders will be shipped by December 20th.

One huge favor we'd like to ask is to refrain from emailing our Customer Service team for the next 3 weeks about the status of your order. Customer service emails are handled by the shipping team, so the less emails we have to answer, the quicker we can get the orders out in a timely manner. Our site will be down until Monday, Dec. 7th. Please consult severinpolicies.com before emailing us. If you have an urgent message regarding your Black Friday order, please ONLY email orders@severin-films.com. Please refrain from messaging the personal accounts of the Severin team.

Once again, thank you dear supporters of Severin. You have guaranteed (global crises allowing) a very exciting 2021 of special editions from such cinematic maestros as Bruno Mattei, Alex de la Iglesia, Andy Milligan, Joe D'Amato, Terence Fisher, Ruggero Deodato, Dario Argento, Jess Franco, a whole lot of Christopher Lee and hopefully more Laura Gemser than you ever imagined you’d want.