In celebration of Severin’s 5-year anniversary, which was recently chronicled in this blog post, the reRun Gastropub Theater in Brooklyn is hosting a week-long retrospective of choice Severin releases. The seven features were curated by Severin and reRun’s Aaron Hillis aiming to encapsulate Severin’s unique brand of forgotten genre classics, sleaze and bizarre curios. Severin Co-Founder David Gregory was interviewed in this week’s The Wall Street Journal event calendar about Severin’s 5-year history and highlights of the films presented in this series.

The series kicks off with a screening of the rarely-seen and currently unavailable in the U.S. Roman Polanski film What? on July 8th followed by screenings of Enzo Castellari’s Tarantino favorite The Inglorious Bastards, Richard Rush’s multi-Academy Award® nominated The Stunt Man, Patrice Leconte’s The Haridresser’s Husband, the shameless Sinful Dwarf, Lucio Fulcio’s underrated shocker The Psychic and the recently released The Baby which is with out a doubt “one of the most bizarre films to come out of Hollywood in the 1970s.” (DVD Drive-In). For the complete film schedule and tickets, please visit the rerun event page. More after the jump.

From reRun’s event page:
“Cheerfully Perverse: Five Years of Severin Films” is a riotous retrospective celebrating the foremost studio for rescuing, restoring and releasing the most controversial, provocative films around the world. From “Ozploitation” classics (Felicity, Stone) to T&A drive-in sensations (Screwballs), sexploitation shockers (the Black Emanuelle series) and modern cult phenomena (Birdemic, Santa Sangre), the Severin Films team of Carl Daft, David Gregory, John Cregan and Evan Husney “are well on their way to becoming the greatest indie label of all time” (BlogCritics.org).

In honor of Severin’s 5th anniversary this summer, reRun proudly presents this exclusive seven-feature series, with Double Feature Nights* and an ultra-rare screening of Roman Polanski’s 1972 curiosity WHAT?, previously released in the U.K. but not available in the U.S. “Cheerfully Perverse: Five Years of Severin Films” runs July 8 – 15.

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