Clip Of The Day: BMX Cheddar


Genre master Brian Trenchard-Smith has really had a hand in almost every type of film with the exception of perhaps a full-on musical. He’s just that kind of diverse and hardworking director. Three years before the now cult classic BMX jaunt RAD came out, Trenchard-Smith did his own madcap bike movie. It also has a sizeable following and I am excited for Severin’s upcoming Blu-Ray(!) release of the film.

In choosing a wacky scene to feature, I found myself torn between severable memorable moments. The waterslide bike escape is certainly singularly unique and enjoyable. But the scene I decide to go with is a bit more of a head-scratcher to me. It’s the film’s way of showing that Nicole Kidman’s character, Judy, has the biking chops to hang with her buddies of course, but it’s a bit awkward. Love the song though. You can’t beat a tune with oddly placed puberty-related lyrics and cool wooshes and laser sounds built into it. The whole thing smacks of something wonderfully “Mentos”. I also like that the intro to the scene shows all the kids in their excellent BMX Bandits T-Shirts. I am a huge fan of t-shirts in general, but especially in 80s films.

Brian Saur (@bobfreelander) is a regular contributor to the Gentlemen’s Guide To Midnite Cinema podcast and manages the Rupert Pupkin Speaks blog.

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