Clip Of The Day: Jodorowsky’s Cinematic Approximation of Rudyard Kipling’s “If”

This clip has everything I want in a movie:

  • Child torture
  • Shiny things
  • The juxtaposition of romantic theme music and violence
  • Ponytails

In 1971, my hero Melvin van Peebles had his tweenage son graphically simulate sex with a 40 year old prostitute. 18 years later, Alejandro Jodorowsky had a fat guy in sequins stoically carve a massive tattoo into his 10 year old son’s chest. I can only hope that when I grow up, I’ll be “the cool dad” too.

Nick Koenig is a musician (the man behind Hot Sugar) and the self-proclaimed world’s preeminent Master P filmography scholar. For more, visit and make sure to download his debut EP for FREE here

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