Clip Of The Day: My Tape, Your House: Benzin’ Around With Jess Franco’s BLOODY MOON


I’ve decided that Severin’s blog would be the perfect place to air out some dirty laundry. Have you ever seen Bloody Moon? Well, it’s the best. Imagine Jess Franco making a Jess Franco slasher. There’s bro-sis incest. Hula-hoop synthesizers. Fake-sex social maneuvering. Tons of weird gore. And of course, my favorite scene: At 59 minutes, we see a little kid running down a highway. A creme-colored Mercedes Benz is following him. Why? Well, the killer just sawed off someone’s head. The kid saw it. Now, the killer is driving a g-damn Benz and chasing this kid down the highway. Of course, this being a Jess Franco film, what happens next is exactly what we don’t expect. Blammo! Plus, several chiasmic zooms.

Now for the dirty part.

I once fashioned a VHS tape comprised of nothing but this scene. Just the little kid getting hit by the Benz over and over and over. It was six hours long and it took me three weeks to complete. And it was awesome. I showed it to my friend Dan and his wife. I showed it to my ex-girlfriend. I brought it to a kick-ass party at my friend Allen Steve’s house and made everyone watch it while I explained to them why they should be laughing. Unfortunately, I’m no longer in touch with any of these people. So please email me so I can come over to your house and watch my tape at your house with you.*

*This paragraph may or may not be true.

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