Clip Of The Day Guest Writers Series Begins, Incl. Webstore Deals!

This is something I’ve wanted to start on our blog for a while now. And I’m very pleased to announce for the next two weeks following this post, every day we will have a new guest writer hosting a favorite bizarro/awesome/insane clip from a film featured in our catalog. And the best part: running concurrently with these daily posts we will be discounting the featured title in our webstore until the close of that specific day. So please, check back with us frequently for some great guest writers and weird clips.  

I am going to let our guests run wild with their hand-picked clips so, to start things off, I’ll throw one out there (hopefully this isn’t a conflict of interest for anybody).

Let’s take a look at the delirious opening credit sequence from Black Emanuelle 2. Following the charmingly non-sensical use of a Sigmund Freud quote, we are immediately plunged into a sordid fantasy montage beginning in a medieval dungeon where our heroine Sharon Lesley, in her only screen role, is being whipped by the hallucination of her real-world doctor. Following this is a succession of hilarious interactions between the two set to the hazy funk of Don Powell (not of Slade fame). This sequence really sets the film’s perversely loopy tone from the get go. I’m no Emanuelle expert – I’ll leave that to my esteemed colleagues – but I find the deeper catalog Emanuelle films to be the most interesting to me for how blissfully weird they are. Enjoy!

Join us tomorrow for an exclusive clip hosted by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema programmer and Destroy All Movies!!! co-author Zack Carlson. It’s a roughie.

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