Clip Of The Day! Talk Tawny To Me, Jaeckin’s GWENDOLINE

Just Jaeckin’s Gwendoline is a film that just shouldn’t work. This comic adaptation starts off as another Euro copy of Raiders Of The Lost Arc, then morphs into a berserk updating of Barbarella with the S&M content ratcheted high enough to crack your home theater ceiling. The lynchpin holding this whole crazy thing together is an astonishing scene at the 49-minute mark in which our intrepid protagonists, Gwendoline (Tawny Kitaen), Willard (Brent Huff), and Beth (Zabou), are captured by white-painted natives and trussed up in a makeshift bamboo prison. When Gwendoline confesses she’s never made love, she and Willard achingly slide towards each other; when they’re unable to touch, he uses his mouth to wrest a strand of bamboo to “kiss” her and then dirty talks our heroine into physical rapture without a single touch. Strange, poetic, and utterly beautiful, this beguiling little vignette peaks with a hilarious punchline and, if that weren’t enough, boasts one of the greatest pieces of music ever written by the late, sadly underrated French pop genius Pierre Bachelet. Proof positive from the director of Emanuelle and Story Of O that you don’t have to show a single flash of flesh to deliver one of the sexiest scenes on celluloid.

Nathaniel Thompson runs the website Mondo Digital and is the author of the DVD DELIRIUM book series.