Deported Women of the SS

Deported Women of the SS

One of the first Italian ‘Nazisploitation’ shockers is also one of the strangest: John Steiner (CALIGULA, TENEBRAE) stars as the depraved Commandant of a camp where beautiful women are brutalized, degraded, forced to submit to female officers, and trained to be prostitutes for the Reich. But will a mass escape attempt unleash the most sadistic tortures of all? Lina Polito (ALL SCREWED UP), Erna Schurer (SCREAM OF THE DEMON LOVER), Sara Sperati (SALON KITTY) and Solvi Stubing (STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER) co-star in this rancid slab of über-sleaze from writer/director Rino Di Silvestro (HANNA D, WEREWOLF WOMAN), now presented totally uncensored including the notorious ‘cork & razor’ scene!


  • A Brief History of Sadiconazista– Interview with Film Historian Marcus Stiglegger
  • What Does John Steiner Think?
  • Camp Rino– Interview with Director Rino Di Silvestro
  • Theatrical Trailer


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