Doing Justice To SANTA SANGRE, Part II

Continuing on with the personnel who will be featured in Forget Everything You Have Ever Seen: The World Of Santa Sangre.

Simon Boswell

No stranger to fans of cult and horror cinema, Boswell’s movie scoring career began with Dario Argento’s underrated Phenomena. He continued with the Argento production stable on Lamberto Bava’s Demons 2, Michele Soavi’s Stage Fright and of course Santa Sangre (which Boswell calls, of the almost 90 movies he has worked on, the closest to being a work of art). He went on to score Richard Stanley’s Hardware and Dust Devil and is currently working on Stanley’s segment of the Severin co-production The Theatre Bizarre. His impressive resume includes a large amount of works for visionary filmmakers such as Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave, Neil Jordan’s The Crying Game, Clive Barker’s Lord Of Illusions and Alex De La Iglesia’s Perdita Durango.


When we contacted Boswell about participating in the new Santa Sangre disc, not only was he elated that it was finally coming out, but he also had a few choice items up his sleeve. He has been doing an ongoing art project called Blink! An audio-visual enterprise which shows either news footage or original footage, looped and individually scored. Here’s the one he did of Bruce Lee and more can be found on youtube.

Well Boswell shot an original Blink! piece with Jodorowsky scored to a new arrangement of “Alma” from the Santa Sangre soundtrack which will be included on our disc. In addition the titular track on his album “Close Your Eyes” features a vocal appearance by Jodorowsky which will be included on our disc. And finally, intrigued to hear about Jodorowsky’s involvement with the Beatles he shot an interview with him discussing not only his experience with John Lennon and the aborted casting of George Harrison in The Holy Mountain, but also his relationship with Dennis Hopper, his regular tarot card readings in a Parisian café and the importance of his comic book art. This interview will also be included on the disc!

Sergio Arau

Artist, musician, filmmaker Sergio Arau first encountered Jodorowsky when illustrating for a Mexico City newspaper. When Jodorowsky was prepping Santa Sangre and he needed an artist to design the intricate body tattoos for the Tattooed Woman he called Sergio. He spent the entire production in Mexico City painstakingly designing, painting then continually touching up the tattooes on Thelma Tixou. So happy was Jodo with Sergio’s work that he suddenly decided he wanted all the lead characters to have tattoos…and a horse in a dream sequence. In the meantime Arau had carved himself quite the career as both a cartoonist and a guaca-rock musician as frontman of popular Mexican band Boteillita de Jerez. He’s subsequently won an MTV music award as Best Rock Video Director, made a multi-award winning animated short El Muro and founded two Mexico City newspapers. More recently he directed the popular feature A Day Without A Mexican based on his award-winning short.


Despite all of these achievements Arau still considers Santa Sangre a creative milestone in his career. We’re particularly glad we interviewed Arau early on in the making of the documentary as it was he who put us in touch with his daughter Tihui who along with her colleagues at Venucine productions coordinated and shot all of our interviews in Mexico City.

Adan Jodorowsky

The youngest son of Jodorowsky played Young Fenix in Santa Sangre when he was just 8-9 years old. The challenges his father gave him as an actor (and some of them as you will see were pretty major) did not stop him from pursuing his own voyage of creativity. At the age of 21 Adan directed the short film Echek which will be included on the disc along with a commentary. Nowadays Adan enjoys great musical success, particularly in South America, as Adanowsky.

And that’s not all: Axel Jodorowsky (now Cristobal Jodorowsky) was interviewed in Paris on the eve of production of his own film. Blanca Guerra, the popular Mexican star who played Fenix’s mother in Santa Sangre, Elenka Tapia and Sabrina Dennison who played Alma young and grown up, co-writer Roberto Leoni and Unit Publicist Greg Day all contributed to what will no doubt be the most intricate exploration into the creation of a Jodorowsky work yet.


Coming soon: Spree Killer Goyo Cardenas and The Incredibly Strange Film Show.

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