Clip Of The Day: Emanuelle Teases the Unholiest of Holies in EMANUELLE AROUND THE WORLD


Many would argue that Joe D’Amato’s movies have no artistic value. The director has even admitted that he’s cranked out several flicks just to turn a buck. Few, however, would disagree that the Italian filmmaker is spot-on when it comes to creating sleazy cinema. In the ‘70s, D’Amato’s name became synonymous with some of the most violent and explicit entries in the Black Emanuelle series – the Italian knock-offs of the French softcore movies (Emmanuelle). The films don’t pretend to contain any profound messages, but Emanuelle Around the World does try to piece together some semblance of a story amid all the naked female flesh.

Laura Gemser – who always manages to appear elegant amongst the depravity – resumes her role as the investigative journalist, Emanuelle. She’s never one to turn down a juicy story … or proposition. Her wanton ways find her globe-trotting to India to report on a love guru – played by Anthropophagous’ George Eastman, slathered in greasy makeup – who claims he’s found the answer to the ultimate sexual experience.

Guru Shanti has swindled a lot of money out of his cult-like following by claiming to be a holy man. He teaches his disciples that to be pure of spirit, one must engage in acts of prolonged pleasure – which basically amounts to a lot of naked, orgiastic frustration. Emanuelle isn’t buying the guru’s story and eventually challenges him to put his money where his mouth is. The guru ends up putting his mouth (and hers) somewhere naughty after calling her bluff – cue Nico Fidenco’s groovy porno music. The real climax in the scene comes at the end, when Emanuelle gives the love guru a little sage advice. How it’s possible to find humor in a film filled with some seriously raunchy subjects is beyond me, but Emanuelle Around the World manages to succeed.


Any movie that portrays a sexy nympho falling in love with Ivan Rassimov, deflowering virgins in a closet, breaking the case surrounding a white slave ring, and jumping into threesomes with a sheikh to help lower oil prices around the world is guaranteed to be a good time. If you like your smut with international flair, then Emanuelle Around the World will surely please.

Alison Nastasi is a writer for Moviefone/Cinematical and contributes to outlets like Rue Morgue and FEARnet.

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