Everything Is Festival 2011 At Cinefamily!!

This 4th of July weekend one of Severin’s favorite theaters in the country, The Cinefamily will team up with the maestros of found footage comedy, Everything is Terrible to present the 2nd annual Everything is Festival 2011 — an insane and eclectic five-day celebration of everything we all love: discovery, weirdness, and just plain fun. Screening as part of this unique event on July 3rd will be David A. Prior’s shot-on-video nightmare-logical fever dream Sledgehammer from 1983, which was recently released on DVD and VHS(!) by our sister company, Intervision Picture Corp.

Preceding the screening of Sledgehammer on the 3rd, our own Evan Husney’s obscure horror film mash-up “Brain Bludgeon” will screen and is self described as “a transcendental fusion of trash exposing the willing to everything curious, bizarre, hilarious and awful about no-budget genre films. Hot penny torture, exploding 3D skulls, brutal “de-fetusing,” raping zombies, and much more collide in this blissfully IQ-withering amalgamation of exploitation hell.”

The lineup includes “keynote” speaker Mark Hosler from Negativland, Andrew W.K. delivering his legendary motivational speech, a tribute to the Firesign Theatre, Neil Hamburger dipping into his personal collection of obscure TV specials made by a 70-year-old grandmother, a group show of video mash-up insanity (co-curated by Four Four, and including contributors ranging from TV Carnage to Rob Schrab), a closing 4th of July BBQ featuring Joe Dante’s epic 1969 4-hour found footage film The Movie Orgy and much, much more. It’s a kind of gonzo convention for the most insane collectors of film and video ephemera mixed in with with all of our favorite people on frontier of the comedy scene — people pushing the envelope of what comedy even is. Is that funny or just fuckin’ weird? Is truth stranger than fiction? Who made this and why? Does it even matter? Check out the incredible line-up below:

EIF! Festival Pass – $90 (Festival Passes will not be available at the box office during any EIF! show. Online sales of Festival Passes will close 5 days before the start of the first EIF! showtime.)

Tickets to individual shows -$10 ($14 for Andrew W.K.’s Party Lecture)

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