An Exclusive Interview with BIRDEMIC Star Whitney Moore


Whitney Moore plays Nathalie, a struggling fashion model who lands the break of a life time – cover girl model for Victoria’s Secret. But, the pinnacle of her success is meeting software salesman/green tech entrepreneur/hunk Rod and their series of romantic dates. Following their enchanted stroll through Half Moon Bay’s annual pumpkin festival and spicy love sequence, their affair is halted by a platoon of angry, screeching, homicidal birds. Armed with a handgun and a coathanger, Nathalie is ready to fight to save man and prevent Earth from a menacing Birdemic.

Taking off from last week’s interview with Birdemic co-star Alan Bagh, we continue with this exclusive chat with Birdemic – Shock And Terror’s leading lady Whitney Moore. She’s a total sweetheart, a nü metal starlet, and a total geek!

Evan: Did you ever think Birdemic – Shock And Terror would make it to the new release shelves of Best Buy stores across the country?

Whitney: When Birdemic was still in it’s infancy, I certainly didn’t think it would get any sort of distribution, much less hit the Best Buy new release shelves. Even when it was doing its theatrical tour I was skeptical. Even now I pinch myself! It’s pretty amazing.


What was your first reaction when you found out that Birdemic had landed a distributed deal and when it was going to be released to theaters?

Utter disbelief. Immediately following that was terror that more people would be watching it. Then, confusion and disbelief again. Then, the geniuses at Severin explained why they appreciated Birdemic for what it was, and the plans they had for it – and the inevitable joy set in.

How has the cult appreciation of Birdemic been for you as an actor?

It has yielded a few perks for me. Being no stranger to midnight movies, I’m very excited that the movie has found a loving audience – it’s definitely found its niche. As a result, I’ve met and been able to work with several horror and comedy fans and filmmakers who love and appreciate the same things that I do. Because so many people see the humor in the film the way my friends and I do, Birdemic is more of a badge of honor than a blemish on my resume.

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During some of our travels across the country promoting and screening Birdemic we’ve come across a few people that strongly believe the film is faked. What would you say to those people?

I have spoken with people who believe that Birdemic was faked, and I always ask those people if they have met James Nguyen. If they have, and they still believe that he is some mastermind of irony and comic timing who can make a movie like Birdemic intentionally, then there is nothing I can say to change their mind. Nor would I.

Since you have recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue your career as an actor, how has that been for you? Do you have any projects going on that you can tell us about?

Los Angeles has been treating me well. I’m attending Santa Monica College, with a major in communications. I’ve had the pleasure of working on a few projects this past year. I played a speed freak named Missy in a horror comedy called Rotgut, shot in Albuquerque, NM, which will be out next year. I also had a cameo in Adam Wingard’s A Horrible Way To Die, which premiered at TIFF. I got to work alongside AJ Bowen (from Hatchet 2 and House of the Devil) briefly for that one. I have a few projects in the works now, and a very exciting new job! I will be reviewing upcoming PS3 games for Wizard Magazine’s new online platform,, and working as part of their Comic Con press.


What was it like to work with Chamber Of Pudd on their music video for “Birdemic (This Is)“?

Nü Metal is not typically my music of choice, but my friends and I adore “This is Birdemic.” Working with COP was fascinating; they are truly geniuses of their genre. Kind Pudd explained why he felt such a deep emotional connection with the movie and the song, and I felt honored to be a part of their music video.


Do you have any words to a Birdemic newbie before watching the film?

If you are the type who partakes in recreational substances, do so heavily and with friends. Try to go to a screening, they are the best! For the love of God, do not watch it with your “film buff” friends. They will hate it.

Keep up with Whitney Moore on her media sharing website, and her twitter account (@mooreofwhitney).

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