Exclusive New Sir Roger Moore Interviews For THE WILD GEESE and rave reviews for GEESE and ASHANTI!

Exclusive New Sir Roger Moore Interviews For THE WILD GEESE and rave reviews for GEESE and ASHANTI!

Legendary movie icon Sir Roger Moore took the time to chat with both Entertainment Weekly and Aint It Cool News about one of his favorite roles in THE WILD GEESE to coincide with Severin’s newly released special edition DVD/Blu-ray combo this week.

And the reviews of both THE WILD GEESE and ASHANTI (also out now) have been nothing less than stellar. Here’s a selection below:


“One of the most enjoyable action movies you’re ever likely to see!” Rock! Shock! Pop!

“This edition of The Wild Geese is delivered with reverence and respect to the source material, and comes highly recommended.” Examiner

“The Wild Geese delivers all the fire­power you’d hope for from a guy-oriented action film” Schlockmania

“An impressive large-scale independent production that delivers big-time on the kind of battle action that war movie fans crave.”HKFilmnews

“Severin’s new Blu-ray delivers a perfect copy of an action favorite.” DVDSavant

“A rip-roaring movie for classic macho movie fans, and it’s nice to finally have it back in action.” Mondo-Digital

“A superb celebration of one of the great British films of its era.” Cinemaretro


“Ashanti is something of a find on Blu-ray and due for a major reappraisal. Highly Recommended.” DVDTalk.com

“A solidly entertaining action-thriller.” Strangethingsarehappening

“Part mainstream globe-trotting adventure film and part exploitation trash…sinfully entertaining.” Mondo-Digital

“If you miss the days of all-star trash-o-ramas, Ashanti offers a suit­ably indul­gent way to get that fix.” Schlockmania

“If this is European Trash Cinema featuring Hollywood royalty then this release is a top of the line representation.” Cinemadrome

“A fast-moving, well-acted adventure movie that entertains even as it outrages viewers” Cinemaretro

Both THE WILD GEESE and ASHANTI are out now and available from Amazon and in our webstore.

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