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Fangoria.com immortalizes the late sleaze maestro Rino Di Silvestro (Werewolf Woman, Deported Women Of The S.S.) with an exclusive clip from our comprehensive Hanna D. featurette, The Confessions Of Rino D.

“An absolute must-see for fans of trash cinema!” exclaims DVD Verdict hailing Hanna D. as the film that “uses every rule in the book, breaks them, and then pisses all over them!” DVD Talk praises our Hanna D. release as the perfect DVD for genre film enthusiasts.”

For Cinesploitation, Hanna D. contains “some of the best curves seen on film!” and Mondo Digital concludes their review with “a real gem for trash fans!” Love Lock and Load urges viewers who “think they’ve seen it all” to seek out Hanna D, “especially those who think Italian exploitation was already dead in the eighties.”


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