Horror Express

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The gamble of restoring and releasing a movie that most of us thought would be relegated to bootleg bargain bin status for the rest of eternity has proved fruitful in the case of the monsters-on-a-train classic HORROR EXPRESS. The Lee/Cushing/Savalas Spanish thill-ride directed by Eugenio Martin and released as a DVD/Blu combo pack replete with hours of exclusive special features has encouraged horror fans to upgrade! And many critics are championing the cause: Dennis Dermody of Paper Magazine raves: “Sensational…If you’ve never seen it you’re in for a treat and if you’ve suffered through bad, blurry, copies this will be like seeing it for the first time.” Onion AV Club claims it’s “a lovingly curated Blu-ray/DVD, which offers an absurd abundance of riches for cult-movie aficionados,” and Aint It Cool calls it “Terrifying…Stunning…So fucking gorgeous. I find Blu-Rays like this one to be a genuine miracle.”

The Montreal Gazette puts it most succinctly by stating that HORROR EXPRESS “may actually be the greatest movie ever.” DVD Verdict continues… “Imaginative, witty and downright, honest-to-goodness scary…this release from Severin is top flight,” while one of the web’s favorite horror fan sites, Dread Central, says it “Needs to be included in your collection…delightful, spooky and sleazy fun…Get this now!”

Mondo-Digital, DVDDrive-In and DVDSavant all praise the movie and its presentation while Beyond Hollywood kindly offers “Thank you Severin” and calls the film “A blast.” Severin humbly thanks all those who have supported this risky endeavor to present the best version available of a true masterpiece of 70s terror!