Attention Severin fans! Our rights are expiring for PSYCHOMANIA (DVD), THE BABY (DVD & Blu-ray), BLOODY BIRTHDAY (DVD & Blu-ray), HORROR EXPRESS (Blu-ray/DVD combo) and HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES (Blu-ray/DVD combo) very soon! This Thursday, in fact. So, we need to do a little bit of house cleaning and clear as much product out as possible.

We’ll have two bundle listings available. There will be a Pick 3 for $20 and an All 5 for $30. PLEASE make sure you signify which  movies you want in the COMMENTS SECTION upon checkout for the Pick 3. Make sure to specify Blu-ray or DVD for either bundle in the COMMENTS SECTION UPON CHECKOUT.

You can also buy ANY of these titles individually for $10.

That’s it! Easy as can be! Now go buy one of these titles and backfill your Severin catalog. Be sure to tell a friend. Tell a non-friend. Tell your grandmother. Tell your neighbor’s dog. Spread the word and help us clear out the old to make room for lots of new coming up.


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Want to grab all 5.Do you ship overseas?

Severin Films

Yes we do.

I’ll take all 5 please (Blu)!

Hi there,
For the 3 for $20 bundle I’d like:
Bloody Birthday (blu-ray)
Horror Express (blu-ray)
The House of Seven Corpses (blu-ray)

Severin Films

Make sure to go to https://severin-films.com/shop/clear-bundle/ and place your order. Please put the titles that you want in the comments section of the order. Thanks!

I’d like to buy all 5. Blu ray. How do I order????

Severin Films

Here is the listing for all 5. Thanks! https://severin-films.com/shop/clear-bundle-2/

Ordered The Baby, Horror Express and House of 7 corpses. All blu Ray.

Severin Films


Is the offer good THROUGH Thursday I guess is what I’m asking.

Severin Films

The sale will be shut down Thursday afternoon. Thanks for asking!

I would like The Baby, Bloody Birthday, & House of 7 Corpses.

Severin Films

Great! Here is the direct link to order the Pick 3: https://severin-films.com/shop/clear-bundle/ make sure to put your selection in the comments section of the order.

All 5 please (blu ray)

Severin Films

Fantastic! Here is the direct link to order all 5: https://severin-films.com/shop/clear-bundle-2/

Hi, I would like all 5 on bluray please! I just ordered from the link you shared in the comments

Severin Films

We got your order! Thanks!

Like all 5. Bluray if available. What do I need to do?

Severin Films

Here is a direct link to purchase all 5: https://severin-films.com/shop/clear-bundle-2/

Is it the same price for dvd and bluray? How do I specify bluray?

Severin Films

It’s the same price for either, just specify you’d like the blu-ray version in the notes section at checkout. Thank you!

I placed my order for all 5, but I didn’t see any place to select blu-ray. That’s what I want though. Please process my order for the blu/dvd combos. thanks

Severin Films

I made notes on your order, thanks!

If there is only one title that I need for my collection, can I order three copies of that title for $20, and give the other two to friends for Christmas?

I think that sounds like a swell idea for a Christmas present! Leave a note on your order indicating which movie you’d like.

I would like to order 3 titles for $20.00:
Horror Express (Blu Ray/DVD combo)
The Baby (Blu Ray)
Psychomania (DVD)

Fantastic! Here is the direct link to order: https://severin-films.com/shop/clear-bundle/ make sure to put your selection in the notes section at checkout.

The items have been ordered. Thank you for your help!

Severin Films


Do you ship to Spain? I’d take the 5-Blu Ray option!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are no longer shipping internationally for this sale.

Just purchased 5-pack bundle, marked as Blu-ray in the “Order notes” section – hope that was correct??

That’s correct!

Placed my order. Can’t wait


Oh. Sorry just now seeing this.. even though I already placed an order. Should I have specified Blu Ray?

We got it; you’re set!

I ordered for all 5, but Forgot to comment blu-ray on all. Please process my order for the blu/dvd combos, and let me know.

I made notes on your order. Thanks!

I apologize, I too forgot to specify blu-ray on all. Please let me know if I need do anything more. Thanks!

Severin Films

I updated your order. Thanks!

I want the 5/$30 BR please

Severin Films

I made notes on your order; thanks!

ordered all 5

Severin Films

Please let us know if you’d prefer DVD or Blu ray versions on the titles that have both available. Thanks!

What time on Thursday afternoon will the sale end? Exact time if possible. Thanks!

Severin Films

We’ll make an announcement on Thursday letting everyone know when the sale will end. Thanks!

Also I noticed some of those titles in my local retail store. Will those titles be recalled or left in the store to sell?

Severin Films

Nothing is getting recalled. Thanks for asking!

Hi there –

I did the same thing as an above poster – forgot to mention blu-ray in the comments. I wrote a note in the “contact me” much earlier today, but also mentioning here.

Order #18955


Severin Films

I added that to your order. Thanks!

I’ll take blue rays for whichever movies that works for out of the five , thanks , sweet deal btw !

I placed my order late last night, but am not sure that I will be sent my order in blu-rays. So asking here for this to be done.

Severin Films

I updated your order. Thanks!

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