Hardware Promos & Exclusive New Iggy Interview

A highlight of the year here at Severin towers was the lensing of twin exclusive Hardware promos starring two absolute rock n’roll legends — Iggy Pop and Lemmy (Kilmister).

After capturing Iggy Pop’s dynamite recreation of his Angry Bob role in Hardware the air was thick with equal parts humidity and camaraderie. Iggy then consented to a far-ranging interview in which he discussed horror, Hardware, and the upcoming Stooges reunion. Here it is for the first time:

When Hardware writer/director Richard Stanley assembled his not-quite-yet-apocalyptic masterpiece, he realized his vision would be incomplete without cameos from two musical heroes. So when Severin began to assemble their advertising strategy for the Hardware DVD & Blu-Ray, we realized that their participation was equally and absolutely mandatory. Following two epic negotiations spearheaded by Sev Barrister Carl Daft, Iggy and Lemmy’s services were secured for separate, exclusive online promotions.

Lemmy came first, recreating his cameo in a Taxicab outside the legendary Whiskey-A-Go-Go off the Sunset strip. The highly successful, FX-driven shoot was followed by a rousing round of drinks and chicken fingers at the Rainbow Bar.


After bidding a fond farewell to Lemmy, Severin boarded the corporate jet and whisked away to Iggy’s home in Miami. Resplendent in no shirt and Three Stooges pajama bottoms, Iggy regaled us with a dead-on replication of his role as Hardware’s Angry Bob.

Here are both promos — hard proof that hard rockers are impervious to the travails of age.

Special thanks to Kenny Ryback of The Promotions Dept. for making the Lemmy Hardware promo possible.

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