James Bond/Indiana Jones Stunt Double Recalls HOUSE ON STRAW HILL

James Bond/Indiana Jones Stunt Double Recalls HOUSE ON STRAW HILL


We didn’t think to approach legendary stunt man turned director Vic Armstrong for the extras on HOUSE ON STRAW HILL. After all, his impressive resume includes work on a litany of unfathomably massive Hollywood movies including the first three Indiana Jones films, a bunch of Bonds and all manner of Schwarzenegger/Stallone/Spider and Supermen type blockbusters, so why would he want to tout his association with this primo slice of British sleaze?

Well, while editing the commentary on STRAW HILL, director James Kenelm Clarke’s reminiscences about the man prompted us to put in a call on the off-chance that he even remembered his brief turn in the sordid little gem he participated in between engagements on LIVE AND LET DIE and THE OMEN. Vic happened to be deep in production on his latest movie LEFT BEHIND in Baton Rouge, not stunt coordinating this time but directing the latest Nicolas Cage vehicle. Once he returned to LA to do post on the picture he got back in touch and asked us to swing by the edit suite, delighted to take a moment out of his punishing schedule to recall a few fond memories of the low budget shoot. So… here are the confessions of Vic Armstrong NSFW.

vicarmstrongsm from Severin Films on Vimeo.

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