Joy & Joan

Brigitte Lahaie Is A True Icon Of Foreign Sexploitation!”

It is rivaled only by the Emmanuelle series for its daring sexuality and enduring popularity. And in this first – and best – sequel to the erotic smash JOY, French hardcore goddess turned respected actress Brigitte Lahaie (Henry & June) takes over the titular role of the international supermodel with a relentless passion for sexual pleasure. This time, Joy flees the betrayals and depravities of her male lovers only to find ecstasy with a gorgeous tour guide (the delicious Isabelle Solar). But can one woman find a way to fulfill Joy’s most intimate and shocking desire? Joy & Joan has been restored from master materials seized in a Marseilles vice raid and is now presented uncut and uncensored – including the complete ‘Philippine Sex Grotto’ sequence – for the first time ever in America.

The Changeling is in the shipping process. All orders should be out by August 13th Dismiss