Hey Look, Our HARDWARE DVD On “The Office”!


Last night, not only was America treated to an all-too-brief appearance from the prototype of Michael Scott, David Brent (played by Ricky Gervais), but Severin’s Hardware DVD made a cameo too! Something about a cell phone scrabble competition between some guy from In The Loop and some girl who sits at Dawn’s, sorry, Pam’s desk these days and if she wins they watch Wall-E and if he wins they watch Suspiria.


Well he wins and as a compromise suggests the robot-on-a-rampage Richard Stanley classic which he says “tells the story of a killer combat robot, just like Wall-E, that the government invented to destroy humans. It’s some of what you like and some of what I like…married.”

Fast forward to the tail end of the episode to see the Hardware DVD placement.

The Changeling is in the shipping process. All orders should be out by August 13th Dismiss