Hey Look, Our HARDWARE DVD On “The Office”!

Last night, not only was America treated to an all-too-brief appearance from the prototype of Michael Scott, David Brent (played by Ricky Gervais), but Severin’s Hardware DVD made a cameo too! Something about a cell phone scrabble competition between some guy from In The Loop and some girl who sits at Dawn’s, sorry, Pam’s desk these days and if she wins they watch Wall-E and if he wins they watch Suspiria.


Well he wins and as a compromise suggests the robot-on-a-rampage Richard Stanley classic which he says “tells the story of a killer combat robot, just like Wall-E, that the government invented to destroy humans. It’s some of what you like and some of what I like…married.”

Fast forward to the tail end of the episode to see the Hardware DVD placement.

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