Lost Trailer For THE BABY Surfaces (And It Was A PG???)


We thought we’d have to go trailer-less on our upcoming special edition of The Baby but at the eleventh hour a 35 mm print was unearthed at a Burbank storage facility. In fact, for a while we thought the release would be bare bones entirely, as the majority of the talent involved were either untraceable, unwilling…or no longer with us. The new hi-def transfer from the original negative would still have been enough for fans of this truly odd 70s gem, we thought, as the film has never looked anything close to this good on home video. But as you all know, Severin likes to go the extra mile wherever possible. And with the help of some serious detective work and just a little bit of nurturing we were able to procure interviews with actor David Mooney (then Manzy) who gave a jaw dropping performance as the title character and also veteran Hollywood director Ted Post. The latter was thanks to the tireless efforts of American Grindhouse Director Elijah Drenner who managed to persuade the 93 year old director of such studio juggernauts as Magnum Force, Beneath The Planet Of The Apes and Hang ‘Em High that The Baby was indeed an important work that demanded serious discussion (more on that in a forthcoming blog). But for now, if like me you always wondered how on earth they marketed a movie as wholly unique and whacked out as this to the public…fret no longer. And the MPAA PG rating at the tail just shows how times have changed. How on earth did this movie get that rating? Here’s the original theatrical trailer of The Baby.

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