New Severin Website

We’re supremely excited to announce today’s launch of the brand new Severin Films website. Over 100 pages of information on all things Severin including interactive pages for each and every one of our 50+ catalogue of titles, latest news, weekly blogs, streaming trailers and much more. In addition users will be able stream clips from our acclaimed and unrivaled documentary featurettes. Check out the Nightmare Castle page for a clip of legendary scream queen Barbara Steele talking about working with Fellini or our serious investigative report on the lasting effects of viewing The Sinful Dwarf or an excerpt from our most recent doc No Flesh Shall Be Spared: The Making Of Hardware.

Our new blog will feature updates of Severin’s production activities such as our recent Hardware promo shoots with Lemmy and Iggy Pop as well as guest writers contributing critical analyses of Severin classics.

The new website was designed by NADA Advertising of Minneapolis, MN/Laguna Beach, CA and supervised by our own Evan Husney. We believe the new site will be everything that anyone with even the slightest interest in Severin will need and a veritable feast for the Severin enthusiasts out there. As Severin has grown, the equally burgeoning fan and media support our releases have received has demanded we create an online destination as unique and provocative as the company itself. Welcome to the new world of Severin!

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The Changeling is in the shipping process. All orders should be out by August 13th Dismiss