Nicole Kidman On “Young Talent Time” Promoting BMX BANDITS

Entertainment Weekly interviewed director Brian Trenchard-Smith yesterday about working with a 16-year-old Nicole Kidman in his film BMX Bandits. Accompanying the interview, we gave EW an exclusive first-look at this rare Australian TV appearance of a young Kidman promoting BMX Bandits.

Trenchard-Smith said of Kidman, “When she came in, I could tell right away that she had great dramatic instincts. Some people are born actors. They have a grasp on how to make a line of dialogue believable. But they did want me to cast her because she was taller than the two boys in the film. I said, ‘Are you crazy!’ She had legs up to her armpits and a big shock of red hair and a gorgeous face. The camera loved her. She was IT as far as I was concerned. She has screen chemistry and not every actor has that.”

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