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  • EP. 11 - GOING OVERBOARD IN SPAIN 05/25/2021
    Severin is so excited to introduce the quinqui genre of films to a brand new audience with a whole SLEW of bluray debuts! The films of Eloy De La Iglesia take over your august. Brand new release of the infamous video nasty CANNIBAL MAN... including the must-see EXTENDED CUT of the film that has never […]
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  • EP. 10 - EXTREME HOME EDITION 04/09/2021
    The horrific home invaders at Severin films are BACK to break into your weekend!  Listen up as they break down the July 2021 announcements including the infamous film inspired by the Richard Speck spree killings BORN FOR HELL, an extremely under-seen canuxploitation inspired by a 40 day police strike SIEGE a.k.a. SELF DEFENSE, and directorial […]
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  • EP. 09 - JUNE-KOTAAAAA!!!! 03/05/2021
    The malicious missionaries at Severin are back and they're covered in camouflage this month, because these titles are coming out of nowhere! Listen as your hosts break down the pure insanity that is the June releases. Bruno Mattei's infamous Exploding Hut saga STRIKE COMMANDO 1 & 2, as well as Alan Birkshaw's star-studded INVADERS OF […]
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    The worrisome warlocks and witches at Severin HQ have been stirring the cauldron to unearth this rare assortment of Christopher Lee blu-ray debuts in the EUROCRYPT OF CHRISTOPHER LEE collection.   Seething with US debuts and a previously never-before-seen series hosted by Christopher Lee, this box set is sure to please every horror fan. An […]
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  • EP. 07 - THE DUNGEON OF ANDY MILLIGAN 01/29/2021
    Looks like the diabolical degenerates from Severin Films have unearthed some classics from the dungeon of Andy Milligan! If you are a Milligan fan or this is your first time hearing that name, this is the perfect companion piece to get you up to speed as your three hosts as they break down this massive […]
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  • EP. 06 - ANIMALS ATTACK IN APRIL 01/07/2021
    This month the audacious agents at Severin UNLEASH this Aprils wild line-up with three animal attack films! Brand new elements and scans of the William Girdler films GRIZZLY and DAY OF THE ANIMALS, as well as Joe D'Amato's DEEP BLOOD making it's bluray debut! Also included in the Severin release schedule is Alejandro Jodorowsky's masterpiece, […]
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  • EP. 05 - MARCH MADNESS 12/14/2020
    This month the malicious mavens at Severin break into the upcoming March releases. Before getting into the titles they explain why they're announcing March ahead of February and all the exiting things happening this coming year. Afterwards, talking about the FOUR films all making US blu-ray debuts - A SCREAM IN THE STREETS, NOSFERATU IN […]
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  • Ep. 04 - BIZARRE BLACK FRIDAY Pt. 2 11/23/2020
    This is part TWO of the Black Friday episodes with your favorite diabolical disc distributors. In this episode, the Severin team goes over the remaining titles on their Black Friday line-up and break the exclusive on the last remaining title. In addition they have extended interview with director of COMBAT SHOCK and NO WAY HOME Buddy Giovinazo, […]
    Andrew Furtado
  • Ep. 03 - BIZARRE BLACK FRIDAY 11/23/2020
    This is part one of TWO Black Friday episodes with your favorite diabolical disc distributors. In this episode, the Severin team go in depth on the theme of this month's announcements being a little... BIZARRE. In typical Black Friday fashion we are going above and beyond to make this episode special. In addition to our normal […]
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  • Ep. 02 - SHOCK-tober is Never Over 09/16/2020
    This month the sinister salesman at Severin get into every sleazy nook and cranny discussing the SHOCK-tober title announcements. The three mind-bending releases include Luigi Cozzi's THE BLACK CAT, iconic sleaze-masterpiece PATRICK STILL LIVES, and SHOCK TREATMENT, a French fantastique that will chill you to your bones. In addition, the gang take some listener questions […]
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