Severin Films

     Well...despite several massive issues with our website, the 2020 Mid Year Sale still managed to be THE most successful Severin/Intervision sale to date and we'd like to thank everyone who participated.
     We managed to learn many things from this experience. For one our site needs a proper overhaul, rather than a basic upgrade, in order to be able to handle our widely growing audience (as well as invisible attacks). We wasted no time partnering with a more reliable, higher end host who quickly helped transfer our entire site over in a few hours before we rebooted the sale last Friday, and it was a rousing success as it handled the same level of high traffic without so much as a single error code present. This bodes well for future high traffic occasions, including our impending annual Black Friday Sale, for which we are already in production.
     Ok, here is what happens next: First off, we've still got over a thousand email order invoices to process. We will honor all email orders as previously stated, unless they contain the very limited catalog titles which sold out before we started taking email orders.
     After that, mid-July, we will begin shipping all orders as fast as humanly possible. Due to the limited staffing and trying to remain safe as the pandemic continues to rage the U.S., we project this shipping process to last a few weeks. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. In the meantime, please visit before emailing/messaging us as most FAQ's are answered there.
Thank you again for the love and support,