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Severin Films will be releasing a new transfer on DVD of the 1971 Mike Raven chiller Crucible Of Terror. The enigmatic Raven, a former pirate radio DJ, had a brief go at becoming the next British horror star appearing in Hammer’s Lust For A Vampire, Amicus’ I, Monster and the self-financed Disciple Of Death. The legend is that Raven had a serious interest in the occult, his wife and six children always dressed in black and their house in Cornwall was completely decorated black. Crucible is his most popular movie wherein he plays a sculptor in Cornwall with a penchant for using real women in his grisly works of art. Soon after making the film he quit the spotlight to become a sculptor in Cornwall!

And the following are the final specs for Psychomania DVD:

– New HD transfer from dupe negative, the only known 35mm film element in the world.
Return of the Living Dead featurette (20 mins approx): Interviews with stars Nicky Henson, Mary Larkin, Denis Gilmore, Roy Holder and Rocky Taylor
Sounds of Psychomania (9 mins approx): Interview with Soundtrack composer John Cameron
Riding Free (6 mins approx): Interview with Riding Free singer Harvey Andrews
– Introduction by Fangoria Editor in Chief Chris Alexander (5 mins)
– Original Theatrical Trailer

Both Crucible Of Terror and Psychomania and will street on 10/26/10.

Below is a series of photos the reunion, for the first time in 38 years, between Psychomania stars Nicky Henson and Mary Larkin taken in London at the shooting of the featurette this past May.

NicknMary1 nicknmary2 nicknmary3

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