There’s been some chatter on the interwebs as of late regarding Richard Stanley’s posting of his script for a Hardware sequel. The script, known as Ground Zero, has been in limbo since the days of the aftermath of the original production of Hardware.

If you’re a fan – and we know you are – of Hardware, you owe it to yourself to put it on your holiday reading list. It’s a spectacular way to spend an hour, a marvelous antitode to the mass hysteria of the Christmas season.

Zero far outweighs the original in size and scope, placing Jill and Shades (sorry, Mr. McDermott) at the epicenter of the next stage of mankind’s apocalyptic tilt versus machine. (Predictably, the apocalypse apparently takes hold in certain areas of Texas.) This time, Jill bands forces with what’s left of the unindoctrinated to do battle with an army of Mark 13’s (the self-re-constructing little bastards.)

Stanley often waxed what-could-have-been often during the production of the Hardware bonus features; you can hear inside scoop both on the commentary track, and in a special standalone bonus featurette on Hardware II (excerpt below).

Unfortunately, the legal tsunami that swallowed much of the momentum that should have been created for Stanley after the original also laid waste to the prospects of a sequel. But it is the season for miracles (if you’re looking for one in portable digital form, just check out Hanna D), and who knows…maybe the renewed attention being paid to the Stanley ouevre will result in Ground Zero‘s eventual fruition.

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