So this past Tuesday the day finally arrived where our incomparably exuberant DVD and Blu-ray release of Alejandro Jodorowksy’s masterpiece Santa Sangre hit the streets (and our webstore) and with it came a slew of great press and exclusive interviews.

Dennis Lim of The Los Angeles Times wrote a lengthy profile on Jodorowsky and thorough examination of Santa Sangre 20+ years later in this past Sunday’s paper.

The 81-year-old cinematic alchemist himself has been busy promoting our release by graciously giving his time and wisdom for a series of exclusive interviews with The Wall Street Journal, The Onion’s AV Club, Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post and The Austin Chronicle. All aspects of Jodorowsky’s life and career are discussed herein: his creative process, his inspiration, El Topo, The Holy Mountain, Dune, and of course Santa Sangre.

An exclusive clip from our feature length documentary Forget Everything You Have Ever Seen: The World Of Santa Sangre was posted on Dangerous Minds wherein Jodorowsky confirms that Santa Sangre is indeed his most personal and favorite of his films. While our friend Vince Mancini at FilmDrunk ran wild with the “Special Needs Transvestite Dance Party” exclusive clip from, VICE also featured an exclusive clip Santa Sangre coupled with a prize giveaway for the beautiful Mondo poster.

Legendary soundtrack composer Simon Boswell flew into LA for the launch at the American Cinematheque for an Q&A following the screening (see below) and appeared on “This Week In Horror” to talk about working with Jodorowsky.

A roundup of reviews and more press will be posted next week. Stay tuned.

Buy the DVD and Blu-ray here.

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