“Ever since I first subscribed to the unquenchable ‘Agatha Christie Radio Mysteries Podcast,'” says Severin CEO Carl Daft, “I have been looking for an excuse to start a Severin Podcast of our own. And the world premiere of Birdemic just seemed like the perfect time. The only question was ‘who would host it?’ That’s when I realized that (Severin partner) John Cregan’s greatest professional attribute just might be his flawless elocution.”

“Around Severin, we simply refer to John as ‘The Voice,’ says Severin’s Evan Husney. “Whenever John digs that creamy, dulcimer sheen of a timbre into a listener’s ears, the poor bastards become putty in his hands.” Severin’s David Gregory: “There was one time on the set of Plague Town when a lead performer suffered a medication-based anxiety attack and locked herself in her trailer for several hours. The day would have been lost had we not found John that megaphone.”

The afternoon after the Birdemic World Premiere in Los Angeles, John sat down with writer-director James Nguyen and star Whitney Moore for two separate interviews. The resulting conversations, almost 13 hours in length, will be spread across several Podcasts in the coming weeks.

But first, here’s the half-hour chat with star Whitney Moore, in which she describes her ascent from high school senior to “Severin Scream Queen”:

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