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Severin Films today announced via The Hollywood Reporter, the cementing of a long-rumored deal to distribute Devolved, a teen comedy written and directed by Severin co-founder John Cregan.

The film stars Gary Entin (the upcoming Seconds Apart), Lindsey Shaw (10 Things I Hate About You), and Robert Adamson (Lincoln Heights) as leaders of opposing factions of teenagers who find themselves shipwrecked on an uncharted island off the Mexican coast. Faced with the prospect of a long-term stay, the island soon degenerates into a struggle between two groups; teens who want high school to end as fast as possible, and teens who never want high school to end. Also starring Chris Kattan, Devolved will hit screens in a limited theatrical release in early March, to be followed by a home video release soon afterward.

“We at Severin have been moving closer and closer to the classic Corman model of financing, making, and distributing our own features” says Severin’s Carl Daft. “By making this deal with Visualeyes, we take another step towards our goal.”

Severin co-founder/Devolved co-editor David Gregory agrees: “With Severin entering the realm of distributing its own productions, we cannot think of a better initial release than Devolved. It’s the rare teen comedy that actually packs a satirical point within the proceedings.”

Fans can connect with Devolved via Facebook, Twitter and the film’s official website.

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