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Severin has produced a slew of new special features for three cult titles, available exclusively in the UK.

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Gregg Araki’s angry ode to the nihilistic 90s THE DOOM GENERATION is a title that was not only sincerely in need of the Special Edition treatment, but even a decent transfer of the film itself had been hard to come by until now. Second Sight’s new version is far and away the film’s best presentation yet. An all-new, very raucous audio commentary features Araki joined by his trio of lead actors: Rose McGowan, James Duval and Jonathon Schaech. It’s the first time all four have had been together since the movie came out and the energy and excitement is evident on the high energy track. In addition Gregg sat down for a great one on one interview about the film. In the clip below he talks about the various cameos in the film including an early, very messy, role for Margaret Cho.

Three separate featurettes were shot for William Friedkin’s insane THE GUARDIAN. The Exorcist director sat down to chat about his return to the genre after so many years and why he would become involved in this project in particular…it involves a favor to an old friend and a rather disturbing first hand babysitter experience (the first part of which you can hear in the clip below). Friedkin is not afraid to state the script was not to his liking but in the second featurette writer Stephen Volk is given the chance to voice his version of events which in many ways is more frightening than the movie itself. Volk’s brush with Hollywood after penning GOTHIC for Ken Russell sent him into a screenwriting nightmare which would lead to a near nervous breakdown and a bout of writer’s block which was thankfully short-lived (Volk wrote the recent Brit horror THE AWAKENING). And last but not least star Jenny Seagrove amusingly reminisces about the eponymous role which was set to jet her into movie stardom until high expectations were superceded by sobering reality.

And another three new featurettes were produced for Dan O’Bannon’s as-far-from-Romero-as-possible-flesh-eating-zombie masterwork RETURN OF THE LVING DEAD. Of course there’s already been a few special editions of this film with featurettes, commentaries and even a full length making-of feature documentary being released recently. We tried to choose three subjects on the film that hadn’t been examined in such detail. “FX Of The Living Dead” focuses on the zombies themselves and how Bill Stout’s designs were meant to hark back to EC Comics rather than the cold blue look of Romero’s walkers. Bill Munns and Tony Gardner chime in with how they brought the designs to life and in the process created two iconic zombie characters in the tar-man and the half-corpse (see below for an excerpt of Stout and Garner discussing the latter). Also, the controversial events that led to Munns’ dismissal are discussed in detail. In “Origins of Return of the Living Dead” John Russo gets in-depth about how he tried to get his own sequel to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD off the ground, the ideas that never left the drawing board, the legal wranglings over the title and ultimately how the idea morphed into O’Bannon’s film. And in “Partytime: 45 Grave & the Soundtrack of Return of the Living Dead” LA punk mainstay Dinah Cancer discusses her career from the late 70s scene from which 45 Grave emerged right up until the present day. Therein a good chunk of the piece is devoted to the creation of one of the great 80s horror soundtracks featuring The Damned, The Cramps, TSOL, SSQ and more (clip below).

THE GUARDIAN is out now while RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (on blu-ray no less) and THE DOOM GENERATION are coming soon. Check out for details.

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