Severin Produced WHAT’S IN THE BASKET? Documentary Debuts On Second Sight BASKET CASE TRILOGY Blu & More Special Features In Production


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October saw the UK release of Second Sight’s awesome steelbook of Frank Henenlotter’s BASKET CASE Trilogy. The set comes with an all-new exclusive feature length documentary produced by Severin entitled WHAT’S IN THE BASKET? Shot in New York, Boston, LA, and Las Vegas over the summer the comprehensive piece dates back to Frank’s early films and seedy Times Square of the late 70s before going into an in-depth look at the production of each of the three films. Extensive new interviews from the world of Duane and Belial were shot with Henenlotter, producers Edgar Ievins and Jim Glickenhaus, stars Kevin VanHentenryck, Beverly Bonner and Annie Ross, FX artists Kevin Haney (original designer of Belial), John Caglione Jr and Gabe Bartalos, 3 co-writer Uncle Bob Martin, and 2 PA Scooter McCrae. Plenty of rare photos and footage feature in the show as well as new glimpses into the world of Kevin VanHentenryck’s amazing sculpture work, Annie Ross’ jazz residency at The Metropolitan Lounge and Beverly Bonner’s outrageous play featuring her character today, CASEY – 30 YEARS LATER, amongst other gems. The piece was directed by Severin’s David Gregory (PLAGUE TOWN/THEATRE BIZARRE) and produced in association with Samco Productions.

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Stills Courtesy of Frank Henenlotter/Hotel Broslin.

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Also, Severin produced a long-overdue career piece on notorious video nasty artist Graham Humphreys for the BASKET CASE set. Humphreys, having produced a new piece of art especially for this release, talks about his work dating back to his controversial EVIL DEAD poster and goes into detail about some of his seminal 80s UK VHS box art such as A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, EVIL DEAD 2 and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.


Severin are working with Second Sight on several of their upcoming horror Blu-Ray Special Editions including Stuart Gordon’s FROM BEYOND and David Cronenberg’s SCANNERS and THE BROOD.

You can order the BASKET TRILOGY here. Again, these are UK releases.

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