There are plenty of places where one can imbibe. There are plenty of places where one can watch a movie. And there are precious few places where one can imbibe and watch a movie.

But as of this writing, there’s only one place on earth where one can imbibe and watch Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

The place? None other than Austin’s fabled Alamo Drafthouse.

The date? March 2, 2010.

The time? 7 P.M.

So mark your calendars and watch the skies, because Birdemic is coming…to central Texas.

Immediately following what Bloody Disgusting has already tabbed as “The Greatest Night of Your Life” — Birdemic’s Tim & Eric-hosted World Premiere at Los Angeles’ Silent Movie Theater — Writer-Director-Master of the Romantic Thriller™ James Nguyen will hop on Severin’s corporate jet and whisk to parts south.

“If the L.A. premiere is the ‘Greatest Night of Your Life,’ then the Alamo uncaging will definitely qualify as the ‘Second Greatest Night of Your Life,'” says Severin CEO Carl Daft. “We plan on transporting James, the Birdemic exhibits and our in-house special effects to the Drafthouse, and are looking forward to helping induce Austin theatergoers to cinematically soil themselves.”

Joining forces with Severin at the Alamo will be Birdemic-backers Bloody Disgusting, thereby forming a filmic triumvirate not seen in our field the since the third, somewhat lesser known Lumière brother passed away in November, 1892.

Birdemic, Severin, the Alamo Drafthouse, and Bloody Disgusting…it is, according to Severin Board Member Evan Husney, “the perfect marriage of suspense, beer, ornithology, and the internet — even if it is to be tragically annulled after only one evening.”

“Following its acquisition, we at Severin have been forever searching for ways to enhance the Birdemic in-theater experience,” says Severin COO David Gregory. “And since we couldn’t quite afford 3-D, it seemed like heavy amounts of copious drinking was the next best thing.”

Tickets on sale Feb. 10 at noon. For more info, go here.

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