Severin Takes Your Questions On DEVOLVED


So, lately, there’s been a lot of questions coming in about Devolved (in theaters March 4th). Great! I welcome a fair and open exchange with you, the Severin fans that I prize above many of my most personal friends.

The beauty of having my kitchen painted green is that I have what few other people in the DVD industry have; a 24-hour indoor green screen. I usually use it for more “personal” modes of filmmaking, but over the next few weeks I will employ it to film some “rapid responses” to what I deem as your most pressing questions.

You can ask about anything, but try to keep it somewhat Devolved-related. If you just want to squeeze in the Devolved bit at the end of a two-parter, have at it.

The first question was from Rick Stanko of TLA Raw, and answered with the below video.


Questions can be directed to

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