Blackenstein + Future Shock! [Blu-ray]

Blackenstein + Future Shock! [Blu-ray]


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Two Versions Of The Most Notorious Blaxploitation Shocker Of Them All…

And The Most Insane Backstory Ever.

On May 30th, Severin Films, ​in association with Xenon Pictures ​and Vinegar Syndrome​, ​invites you to experience Mary Shelly’s horror classic through a Vietnam-shattered, micro-budget, entrail-smothered lens. Or as BleedingSkull.Com put it: “Not just a horror picture, not just Blaxploitation, something greasier!” After years of lifeless home video presentations, Severin is proud to re-animate this lumbering monster​ with an immaculate transfer of the rarely seen original theatrical cut AND ​a new assembly of the home video release version, Frankensteined together from the best existing elements!*

You may have heard of this infamous Blaxploitation/Horror hybrid, but the real story is even more bizarre:  In 1973, criminal-lawyer-turned-wannabe-monster-movie-mogul Frank R. Saletri wrote and produced this grindhouse hit about a Black soldier mortally wounded in Vietnam transformed into a rampaging monster by an L.A. mad scientist. Almost a decade later, Saletri himself would be murdered gangland-style in a crime that remains debated – and unsolved – to this day. John Hart (TV’s “The Lone Ranger”), ‘40s Hollywood starlet Andrea King (THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS) and even former mob moll/stripper Liz Renay (DESPERATE LIVING) star in this jaw-dropper directed by William A. Levey (THE HAPPY HOOKER GOES TO WASHINGTON), now with all-new Special Features that spotlight the entire twisted saga!


*The home video version has been the most widely seen version over the past few decades. It’s entirely possible that the original video master was created using a longer, unfinished cut of the movie, with the producer’s tighter edit being the version that was officially released to cinemas in the 70s.

Special Features:

*Theatrical Release Version (78 Mins.) and Video Release Version (87 Mins.)

*Monster Kid: Interview with Writer / Producer Frank R. Saletri’s Sister, June Kirk

*Archive News Broadcast On The Murder Of Writer / Producer Frank R. Saletri

*Producers / Directors / Actors Ken Osborne And Robert Dix Remember Writer / Producer Frank R. Saletri

*Bill Created Blackenstein: Interview With Creature Designer Bill Munns

*Theatrical Trailer


Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD

The Internationally Acclaimed Documentary On

The Most Controversial/Influential Comic Of Our Time,

Now With 6+ Hours Of Bonus Materials!

 Unable to continue containing its power inside the explosive panels of the comic book page, Severin Films is releasing FUTURE SHOCK: THE STORY OF 2000AD on Blu-Ray and DVD on May 30th. This tale of the comics industry’s most outrageous anthology follows its successful film festival run with a definitive home video release, packed with more than 6 hours of bonus material that will equally entertain neophytes and fanboys alike!

Great Britain, end of the ‘70s: Thatcher is in power, the Yorkshire Ripper is on the loose, punk rock is on the rise and shite comics are widespread. But with the birth of indie upstart 2000AD, fans were introduced to visionary talent like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Mark Millar, and legendary characters that included Rogue Trooper, Halo Jones and Judge Dredd. Yet what happened next to this nihilistic, ultra-violent universe may be the biggest shocker of all. This is the “brilliant” (Flickfeast), “essential” ( and “scurrilous” (Empire) story of the galaxy’s greatest comic, featuring editors, writers, artists and fans including Gaiman, Pat Mills, Alan Grant, John Wagner, Grant Morrison, Dave Gibbons, Geoff Barrow, Bryan Talbot, Emma Beeby, Kevin O’Neill, Brian Bolland, Carlos Ezquerra, Gary Erskine, Andy Diggle, Scott Ian, Geoff Barrow, Alex Garland, Karen Berger and more.



2000AD vs the USA

Dredd 2012 – True In Spirit

Judge Dredd Extended sequence

Cheap Entertainment – The appeal of comics


Bad Company – Peter Milligan

Future Shocks

Rogue Trooper – Dave Gibbons & Cam Kennedy

Slaine – Pat Mills

Strontium Dog – Carlos Ezquerra


Art Blast – Jock & Henry Flint

Blooper Reel

Pat Mills Visits Kings Reach Tower

Soundtrack – Behind the Scenes

Festival Teaser Trailer

UK Release Trailer


Grant Morrison

Karen Berger

Pat Mills

Neil Gaiman

Dave Gibbons



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