Cannibal Terror [DVD]

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Cannibal Terror [DVD]

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“A Catalogue Of Perversions Such As
Voyeurism, Rape, Cannibalism And
A Euro Soundtrack That’s An Absolute Blast!” -SEX GORE MUTANTS

Even by the sleaziest standards of ’80s EuroTrash, it remains a film that must be seen to be believed: When a pair of criminal knuckleheads and their busty moll kidnap the young daughter of a wealthy tycoon, they foolishly choose to hide in a local jungle infested with ferocious cannibals. What follows is a mind-roasting exercise in atrocious acting, gratuitous nudity and gut-munching mayhem by a ravenous tribe of flesh eaters who inexplicably sport comb-overs and Elvis sideburns. Robert Foster (Inconfessable Orgies Of Emmanuelle), Pamela Stanford (White Cannibal Queen) and Burt Altman (The Devil Hunter) star in this infamous Spanish/French co-production that was banned in Britain as one of the original “Video Nasties” and is now presented uncut, uncensored and mastered in Hi-Def for the first time ever in America!

-Spicy Deleted Scene
-Theatrical Trailer

1.85:1 Anamorphic
89 Minutes
Dolby Surround 2.0 Stereo
Region 0