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Shocking Dark [Blu-ray]


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For director Bruno Mattei (VIOLENCE IN A WOMEN’S PRISON) and co-writers Claudio Fragasso & Rossella Drudi (TROLL 2), their final – and most notorious – collaboration went beyond brazen plagiarism to become a fearless act of deranged genius: In this bravura rip-off of both ALIENS and TERMINATOR, a team of badass marines, a tough female civilian and an orphaned girl battle monsters beneath the Venice canals while being chased by an indestructible killer cyborg. Have we mentioned the overwrought dialogue, over-the-top performances and ultimate WTF? twist ending?  Geretta Geretta (DEMONS) and Tony Lombardo (RATS: NIGHTS OF TERROR) star in this “schlockfest of awesome” (Cool Target) – actually released outside the U.S. as TERMINATOR II and ALIENATORS and never before available in America – now scanned in 2k from the Director’s Cut negative discovered in a Rome lab vault.

Special Features:

  • Terminator in Venice – An Interview with Co-Director / Co-Screenwriters Claudio Fragasso and Co-Screenwriter Rossella Drudi
  • Once Upon A Time in Italy – An Interview With Actress Geretta Geretta
  • Alternate Italian Titles

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