SNUFF BOX descends on Los Angeles!

Snuff Box

Matt Berry (The IT Crowd) and Rich Fulcher (The Mighty Boosh) take Los Angeles by storm in October to promote their cult-hit comedy series Snuff Box, available by Severin Films October 11, 2011. Their first stop will be at Amoeba Records in Hollywood on October 1st at 4pm, where Rich Fulcher will be playing auctioneer for Amoeba’s Monthly Charity Auction, followed by the Snuff Box DVD signing at 4:30pm. Berry and Fulcher will also appear at The Upright Citizens Brigade on October 1st at 8pm for a back-to-back screening of two Snuff Box episodes.

Fans may also catch them on October 2nd at 7pm at Cinefamily for a very special evening co-hosted by Steve Agee and Rob Schrab. The program includes a live panel with Berry and Fulcher discussing British comedy and the creation of Snuff Box, and some live musical numbers!

The DVD release contains all six Snuff Box episodes and a trunkful of special features including: an all-new documentary featuring Snuff Box celebrity superfans such as Paul Rudd, Simon Pegg and Noel Fielding; audio commentaries for episodes 1, 2 and 6; a walking tour of Snuff Box locations; a look into the show’s musical process; and a bonus CD of the Snuff Box original soundtrack. Snuff Box DVD will be available in stores on Tuesday, October 11.

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