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Jess Franco’s The Sadist of Notre Dame

THE SADIST OF NOTRE DAME: In 1979, legendary writer/director Jess Franco (VAMPYROS LESBOS) re-purposed elements of his satanic sex shocker EXORCISM with all-new footage to create a depraved new epic that – even by Uncle Jess standards – achieves new levels of EuroSleaze insanity: Franco himself stars a defrocked priest turned hooker-slashing psychopath, prowling the streets of Paris in …


Jess Franco’s Sinfonia Erotica

At the close of the ‘70s, eminent auteur Jess Franco (SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY) revisited the works of Marquis de Sade to create what EuroSleaze historians have called one of the most sexually daring and boldly creative films of his entire career: Sinfonia Erotica. When an unstable noblewoman (a fearless performance by Lina Romay) returns to her lavish estate, she will …


Jess Franco’s Two Female Spies Restored In HD For The First Time Ever!

Jess Franco’s Insane ‘70s Erotic Thriller Restored In HD For The First Time Ever! First 3000 With Bonus DVD Of Alternate Spanish Version!   Severin Films once again delves into the musky netherworld of Euro-erotica with Jess Franco, the undisputed maestro of the genre. All the beauty and madness you’ve come to expect are present …


Two Female Spies With Flowered Panties

In this long-unseen shocker from “one of filmdom’s most provocative creators” (The A.V. Club), the legendary Jess Franco (VAMPYROS LESBOS) pushes the limits of psycho-sexual insanity like never before: Lina Romay (of BARBED WIRE DOLLS and MACUMBA SEXUAL infamy) and Lynn Monteil (of Jean Rollin’s ZOMBIE LAKE and Franco’s SADOMANIA) star as a pair of …

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