This month The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, TX will host rare archival 35mm screenings of Ted Post’s supremely depraved ’70s classic The Baby and killer kid saga Bloody Birthdayboth of which will see a restored special edition release on June 28th. These screenings will take place at the Ritz Theater as part of The Drafthouse’s legendary “Terror Tuesday” weekly series, which means a generous $1 ticket price. Tickets for the screenings, June 21st for The Baby and June 28th for Bloody Birthday, are now available online and the original Alamo event descriptions for both films are after the jump.

Brooklyn’s reRun Theater (and pub) will host a free digital showing of Bloody Birthday on Monday June 27th. Seat reservation are online available here.

The Baby at the Alamo:
There’s only one thing in this world more disgusting than a baby, and that’s a grown-ass man acting like a baby. Crying, drooling, laying on his back in a giant crib and kicking at the air. Goddamn. It’s horrible. And when his entire family is comprised of schizophrenic, murderous shut-ins, any visitor is destined for a wild time. Like, say, that young, attractive female social worker for instance. And anyone else who gets too close to Baby. The same year that director Ted Post made Dirty Harry installment MAGNUM FORCE, he somehow decided to unleash his Adult Infant fetish on an unsuspecting public. To make matters worse, he managed to sneak it through the morals board with a PG rating. I guess they were looking the other way during the scene where 35-year-old Baby breastfeeds off his teenage babysitter. Whoooooops. Screening co-presented by Severin Films. (Zack Carlson)

Bloody Birthday at the Alamo:
Most things that are excreted from the human body get wadded up in a kleenex and flushed down a toilet, with one exception: children. Instead, we coddle them, provide them with food and shelter and completely sacrifice our own dreams so they can live in comfort. And what do we get in return? Savagely murdered! This film is yet another crystal clear battle cry against the cancer of youth, featuring countless rampagingly conscience-free acts of anti-adult homicide, all perpetrated by a trio of preadolescent death machines. See, all three kids were born simultaneously during a solar eclipse, which apparently instills them with a hunger for the suffering of innocents. Not to mention a proclivity for peeping through a hole at nude Julie Brown (the white one). We didn’t need another reminder that children are garbage, but here’s one anyway. Mandatory abortions in the theater lobby for all pregnant women in attendance. No charge!! (Zack Carlson)

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