THE BABY – Fully Restored To All Its Drooling Glory


Continuing from where we left off yesterday with the Bloody Birthday restoration…we now move onto some exciting images from our sparklingly disturbing new transfer of The Baby. Like a fine, oaky Syrah, The Baby makes for the perfect compliment to Bloody Birthday’s zesty main course. Ted Post’s (Magnum Force) twisted tale of adult-sized diapers and overgrown playpen-mayhem has never looked richer, sharper, or sicker.

Click each still to see high-res.

Baby's Party_small Rolling Baby's Ball_small
Brunette_small Porch_small
Baby on the Couch_small Blonde_small

Trust me, if you’re a fan of either film, precocious murderers, outrageously arrested development – or you just need a kick in your cinematic posterior – you owe it to your eyes to check these babies out.

The Changeling is in the shipping process. All orders should be out by August 13th Dismiss